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Little wonders will save the world

When it comes to little hearts and little minds, there is no word more powerful to a child than the word: play. It encompasses the passion, the energy, and the endless capacity to learn that becomes the cornerstone to a vibrant and well-structured life.

We all love to see children laughing and playing, it reminds us of our own childhood when we had no worries, no fears – life was just about having fun. It is quite strange looking back now; the world was such a big place to play in – in fact, my world was simply my back garden. It seemed massive, it seemed that I could walk all the way to the back fence and be hidden in a magical place away from everyone. The trees were so tall; the grass was so incredibly green, birds by the hundreds lived in our trees and everything was perfect.


Now I know that the very back garden that I thought was the world was in reality just a simple back yard, the trees were not massive, the grass was actually quite prickly and there were probably only a few birds that would visit – but it is just as magical to me now as it was then – childhood memories are precious.


I hope I have given my own children similar childhood memories and I also hope that the memories they are giving their children are going to be just as precious, but the world is changing, and at a very fast rate.

Back gardens are getting smaller, often nothing more than a paved patio with no sign of grass; trees are something you go to a park to see and birds are certainly not in the abundance they used to be within suburbia.

It’s not just our backyards that are changing, it is the world – the rain forests, the waterways, sprawling concrete cities and the ever growing pollution.

If we want our children to grow up in a beautiful world it is up to us to do our part to save the planet. Sure, we can’t all go out and halt pollution, but each of us can make a small change by being conscious of exactly what our lifestyle means to this fragile planet.

When it comes to clothing, we can purchase ‘organic’ products.


For a long time the word ‘organic’ was mainly used to describe foods, but now there is organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or fertilisers, which is nice to know when you are putting on clothes. However, what is even more important is the huge flow-on effect this has on the farmers and communities from where the cotton is grown. Organic cotton farming methods are free from harmful pesticides and fertilisers that harm the soil and pollute the waterways for future generations.

By choosing eco fashion and organic cotton, you are choosing to protect our environment so that future generations can enjoy the same or better quality of life from our natural resources.

Organic clothing is also quite often more durable. It wears really well, is really soft, keeps it shape and looks great after many wears and washes. Organic cotton also breathes and helps to regulate our body temperature – this is extra important for babies and toddlers.


Anarkid is one of the leaders in delivering organic and ethically produced children’s clothing. Made from 100% organic cotton, the SS16 collection, aptly titled Play, showcases a range of boys, girls and unisex separates and bodysuits for little ones aged 0-3 months – 2 years. Constructed using 180 gsm interlock fabric in a range of uniquely designed patterns and graphics, the new collection is durable, high quality and made under fair trade terms and conditions.




Anarkid owner, Kelli Marchewka, had 20 years of graphic design behind her; she knew that she wanted to do something different, something that hadn’t been done before. Kelli wanted to create a brand that stood for something, that focused as much on how the garment was produced as it did on how the garment looked.




With original prints that are inspired by shape, line, typography and creating the perfect palette, Anarkid’s range of organic clothing is not only a great option for the planet, it is a wonderful option for your children.ass16_1089

Soft, smooth, breathable and comfy, Anarkid clothing will have your child looking fashionably age appropriate and free to discover the magical world around them.