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Lift that gel without damage


by Holly Scaunich

‘Pleasantly surprised’ is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Laque Lift gel polish remover, and not only a super simple method, but one that actually works.

Coming from the beauty industry, I understand how annoying it can be to remove your shellac or gel colour. These wipes really make it super easy and fast.



With 30 sachets per box for $19.95 it gives you 3 removals, for both hands, at a cheaper rate than it would be in a salon. Each sachet has a pre-soaked pad of acetone, UV agents, and perfume, designed to soften the colour allowing it to be removed.

When I tested the Laque Lift, I did so against the normal “salon way” of an acetone soak. I am very happy to say that these pads worked faster, softened the product better and also felt more comfortable on the fingers.

Because of this, there was minimal buffing to the nail which lessened the damage caused by excessive wear. They did not dry out like acetone tends to do and fragrance also made it a more comfortable task, as some people find acetone too strong to inhale.


I believe that if you are a frequent gel polish lover you would be wise to invest in the Laque Lift gel polish remover and save your nails the unwanted damage of straight acetone and unnecessary buffing.

Laque Lift is available online at for $19.95 and includes free shipping within Australia.