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Laurèl Fashion Show “RISE & SHINE” @Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

“Rise & Shine” is the title of the latest Laurèl collection, presented at Kaufhaus Jandorf in Berlin as part of the city’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. “Rise & Shine” is both a confident, assertive call to the wearer and a reference to the “golden hour” that provided the inspiration for the designs. In photography, the “golden hour” is the brief period before sunrise and sunset when the light is softer, warmer and more glowing, with a special magic that casts a subtle aura of freshness over everything it touches. It is perfectly captured in the famous song lyric, “It‘s a new dawn, it’s a new day.”

The feeling of a “sunrise at the beach” was embraced by the celebrity guests in the front row, including Mina Tander, Natalia Wörner, Julia Dietze, Nadeshda Brennicke, Chiara Schoras, Gizem Emre, Katja Flint, and Ursula Karven.


“Imagine the early morning, opening the door onto a glorious sandy beach. The breeze gently flutters the curtains, the sound of the surf whispers close by, and the rising sun floods the scene in a bewitching, delicately pink light,” eulogizes Laurèl’s Head of Design Elisabeth Schwaiger, describing her vision for the “Rise & Shine” Collection. “I tried to capture exactly this feeling of a summer morning in my designs.” The emotions of the scene are expressed in silky, light fabrics, glowing tropical colours, exotic prints, and filigree lace and in the long, flowing lines that swirl and float, giving complete freedom of movement. Daywear pyjamas and maxi dresses conjure the spirit of Laurèl’s hallmark “luxury ease.” “Dreams created from fabric for dreams of sand, salt, and sun.”

The look is dominated by silk boxer shorts with a feminine twist, teamed with bustier tops with mini-frills and casually topped off by pyjama coats. Cropped flared pants with swinging hems in shimmering tiger-patterned brocade created the feel of Seventies Miami; its distinctive art deco style was likewise echoed in lace fabric in contrasting Turquoise/Black, crafted exclusively for Laurèl.

Further starring roles were played by sheer fabrics, used for draped maxi-dresses in hues including Cherry Red, embroidered with tangles of tiny flowers, or Navy with a placed toucan motif. Hems were effectively contrasted with briefer underskirts that reveal a flash of leg to add a sexy fascination to the looks.

The styling brought out the mood of the collection, adding flat mules and surf sneakers to create striking contrasts to evening wear. Fabrics were draped over shoulders or arms in casual, cool style, true to the beauty philosophy of “Woke up like this.”

The make-up for the models – who included the first-and second-placed entrants from the latest “Germany’s New Top Model” season, Céline Bethmann and Serlina Hohmann – was natural, sunny, and nude, with a fresh, healthy glow and natural pink lips for a modern touch. Hair was casually pulled into messy buns with strands framing the face – an “almost undone” style that highlights the glamorous outfits even more effectively. “We aim to showcase femininity and celebrate individuality,” affirms Elisabeth Schwaiger.