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Just Marbleous!

There are very few rocks that have as many uses as marble. Typically white with colour variations and streaks, this metamorphic form of limestone can be polished to a high sheen and has been used in artistic masterpieces, sculptures and architectural wonders for many hundreds of years.

Today marble is highly sought after as bench tops because of its beauty and durability but also because of it maintaining a constant cool temperature which is highly sought after by pastry chefs.

But the beauty of this stone is now also being adorned by celebrities as each piece is truly unique.

Double Ballin' Marble Bangle - $20.00

Double Ballin’ Marble Bangle – $20.00

Pioneering affordable yet luxurious jewellery for modern Australian women, Minimalist Jewellery has released their full range of stunning marble accessories in a geometric pop of statement earrings, studs and bangles.

Double Ballin' Marble Earrings - $18.95

Double Ballin’ Marble Earrings – $18.95

Detailed with varying coloured mottlings and streaks, the range combines Australian marble with high-end skin friendly metals in gold, rose gold, silver and matte finished designs.

Marble Stalactite Earrings - $12.00

Marble Stalactite Earrings – $12.00

Double Ballin' Marble Earrings -- $18.95

Double Ballin’ Marble Earrings – $18.95

The full collection, which is suitably titled Marbleous Creations, retails from $12 and is available nationally at: