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Just for Blondes

While there is definitely a place in society for bright pink or purple locks, the majority of us either can’t (or don’t want to) get away with it, yet there are times we want to make a subtle statement with our hair.


De Lorenzo Novafusion Shampoo in Rosewood will give blondes just that – a subtle statement of pastel violet and rose highlights.

While this product leaves your hair with the beautiful and romantic hues after only five minutes, it doesn’t work as I expected a shampoo would work. I found that there was no lather and that it didn’t distribute through my hair the way I expected, however, if you use it just for the colour you will be extremely happy.

Similar to colour you can expect on white blonde hair using De Lorenzo Novafusion Shampoo in Rosewood

On my blonde hair I was a bit hesitant to leave the product in for the recommended five minutes – I was a bit scared that it would be ‘too much’ colour. The colour was most definitely subtle indoors, but outdoors, in sunshine, it was much more noticeable. I found that the colour lasted without fading until my next wash – three days later – and that using the product again, and leaving in for the recommended time, enriched the beautiful tones without changing the brightness of the colour.


I love this product and can highly recommend it for light to mid blondes who are after soft rose and violet highlights to their hair.

Available from – RRP AU$27.95