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It shows in our skin

Our eyes are the windows to our soul’. It’s a very common saying, and it may well be very true, but our skin gives away many secrets to our health.

Our skin will show if we are suffering with health problems, smoking will clog our pores which will make our skin dull and lifeless, stress can cause wrinkles and dullness, lack of sleep will make you look lacklustre, UV rays will burn and dry out our skin, and the simple process of aging has a major effect on our skin causing amongst other things, sagging.

Skin is the largest organ of our body; it deserves to be taken care of, and while health, the environment and lifestyle factors may have already begun to take their toll, it is never too late to start to repair and care for our skin. Germaine de Capuccini has two gorgeous serums that will help you do this.


Timexpert SRNS Repair Night Progress Recover Booster – RRP AU$185.00 – is an intensive Super Booster that is ideal to use when your skin looks particularly tired, has been subjected to high levels of stress or undergone invasive medical/aesthetic treatments.


And Timexpert White Power Light Booster – RRP AU$153.00 – is an incredible Super Serum that totally illuminates the skin eliminating any dullness and giving a youthful look.

For a limited time, if you purchase one of these products you will receive a corresponding gift pack.

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Timexpert SRNS pack includes an Intensive Recovery Cream, Night High Recovery Cream and a Repair Night Progress Eye Serum

Timexpert White Power pack includes an Anti-Ageing Clarifying Cream SPF 15 and an Exfoliating Clarifying Milk