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In the raw



by Sarah French

Its no big secret that fruits and vegetables are good for you and its even less of a secret that eating right makes you look and feel better. But what if what you thought was eating right, actually wasn’t?

A short while ago I embarked on a challenge like no other.  I was approached by film makers of the soon to be released RAW The Documentary.  A tale of Alan and Janette, two phenomenal human beings who broke and set world records by running around Australia doing 366 consecutive marathons in 365 days whilst in their 60’s. All fuelled on a RAW plant based diet and all after Janette has just beaten cancer.  The challenge was to embark on a Raw plant based diet for thirty days and so after being totally bewildered by Alan and Janette’s story I eagerly accepted.


I had heard bits and pieces of Raw and the health benefits but always thought it to be somewhat mundane and uninteresting. How could I possibly stay nourished and excited about food by only eating uncooked? As I delved more into the world of Raw and started to understand the processes of preparation, I was immediately drawn in and excited of my new discoveries. Avocado soon became my best friend with sweet corn coming in at a close second. Meal times actually got less stressful and it only took a few minutes to whip up a zucchini linguine or a quick cashew nut and basil lasagne. No cooking and less washing up meant more quality time in the kitchen and less time cleaning up. As with anything preparation was key.  After familiarising myself with all of the new beautiful ingredients I could eat, getting a few tools together and researching local raw cafes and restaurants I was well on my was to a successful challenge.

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The first couple of days were the hardest. Dealing with processed carbohydrate cravings a real challenge. By day 4 the cravings were gone and I was in a frenzy preparing foods I never imagined could not only taste that good, but were so quick to prepare and so good for my insides.  I started to bounce out of bed with an abundance of energy I had never experienced before. My skin cleared and there was a certain glow and energy that was unfamiliar until this point. 5 am wake up, walks on the beach, green smoothies and cold pressed juices all became a daily ritual and the energy just kept on flowing and hasn’t stopped since.


By the end of the 30 days my energy levels were up by 1000% and my weight down by 5 kilos. I lost inches off my waistline and thighs and learnt how to eat out in any environment and stick to my new way of life.  As a busy professional and especially being a chef constantly surrounded by temptation it was difficult to not to be swayed into old habits. Three months on I am feeling Fresh and Fabulous and looking forward to taking the next step on my Raw journey as I head to Los Angeles to study Raw food design at the Matthew Kenney College on Venice Beach.  To find out more about Raw and how you can integrate more goodness with grace and ease into your daily routines check out my Facebook page In The Raw – Chef Sarah French Takes On A Raw Plant Based Diet For 30 Days. A series of videos that followed the challenge and can teach you a few tips and tricks to get you started.


One doesn’t have to be fully Raw to start seeing the benefits of eat more Raw goodness.  Everyone is different and as such should do what feels right for their bodies and for their lifestyles. By making a few simple small changes you make way for bigger things to follow. Adding more watering into your daily intake is a great place to start. Quitting sugar and processed refine carbs is the second step and thirdly adding in a green smoothie and juice will be sure to out you on the right track.  Until next time keep fit, eat well and stay fabulous!

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