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After discovering that her daughters were each suffering from skin sensitivities and having tried many products to help them with no real success, Olivia Gynell decided to set herself a challenge.


“I tried many ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products and found no real success. I became frustrated with the number of products that marketed themselves as ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ that were deceptively filled with toxic fillers, plastic microbeads and other synthetics,” said Olivia.

“I was determined to continue a life that was carefree and adventurous, without the worry of what reactions were going to burden the health of my children next. I wanted to be free of having to read labels endlessly and grew tired of having to call companies for full disclosure of ingredients,” Olivia continued.

“So I bid farewell to that world, and began my journey. The health of my family, the environment and a strong desire for honesty and transparency was ignited. My challenge and goal was to create targeted lifestyle products that were nurturing, mindful, and responsible.”

The result is a range of organic skin products that are good for your skin while remaining kind to the environment.

The Green Foot Mama range consists of four luscious balms that look, smell and feel fantastic.

Sun.print.1 copy


Delicious Indulgent – ORGANIC SUN (RRP AU$34.95) This heavenly chocolate and lavender scented sun balm is power packed with antioxidants was invented as a safer alternative, with no chemicals, fillers, perfumes, synthetics or other eye-stinging evils. This formulation is NON CORAL REEF BLEACHING, so precious marine life and our oceans are nurtured whilst your skin is nourished and protected. This divine sun balm doubles as a soothing after sun treatment.

Made with 30% natural NON-NANO zinc this product is wonderful as a deep luxurious moisturiser for face and body, for soothing heat, sun and wind affected skin and is suitable for sensitive skins.

Contains ONLY: coconut oil*,natural beeswax, shea butter*,nano-free mineral zinc oxide,cacao*, essential oils of chamomile, lavender and myrrh*certified organic Jetset.print copy

Created with the weary traveller in mind, ORGANIC JETSET (RRP AU$39.95) is a replenishing balm that your perfect travel companion. Invented especially for in-flight support during skywards travel, Organic Jetset’s moisturising properties keep the skin hydrated with blend of botanicals to help promote a relaxed sense of wellness and you will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

For optimum results, begin using 1-2 days prior to your departure and you’ll be flight-ready!

It will help with the drying effects of air-conditioned processed air and will encourage healthy circulation by massaging into your lower legs and swollen feet during long haul flights. The delicate fragrance will help reduce anxiety and fear, feelings of weariness and fatigue.

Contains ONLY: coconut oil*, shea butter*, natural beeswax, essential oils of chamomile, lavender, cypress and red ginger, native botanical extracts (1%)*certified organic defence.print copy

ORGANIC DEFENCE (RRP AU$24.95) – a protective outdoor moisturiser that doubles as a massage balm. The formulation is a purposefully selected blend of essential oils and Australian botanicals safe for all skin types.

It is a great moisturising skin barrier when outdoors as well as a wonderful massage balm for weary muscles.

Contains ONLY: coconut oil*, natural beeswax, shea butter*, essential oils of lavender, geranuim and black pepper, native botanical extract (1%) *certified organic

skin.print copy

This extraordinary ORGANIC SKIN (RRP AU$29.95) multi-use balm was created to deeply nourish, gently soothe and reliably protect our largest organ – the skin! This trusted balm is your go-to product to restore harmony to your skin, health and to our precious planet.

It is a fantastic product for dry and cracked skin of feet and hands, dry flaking scalp, scratches and mild skin irritations. Use post wax and shaving on ALL delicate areas, after tattooing, on the nips whilst breastfeeding and on baby’s precious caboose during nappy change.

Contains ONLY: coconut oil*, shea butter*, natural beeswax, essential oils of chamomile and calendula, native botanical extracts (1%) *certified organic

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When you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, a certain awe and respect for the environment comes naturally. We don’t take such extraordinary natural beauty for granted, we celebrate it.

Olivia Gynell

(Founder/Creator of Green Foot Mama)