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Honey and seaweed – a delicious duo

It’s been a long known fact that our planet can provide with everything we need for good health with natural products offering many remedies and health benefits.

The Australian climate enables us to grow and produce some of the world’s best products, ones that are nutrient dense and of the highest quality.

In their search for nutrient rich, natural Australian ingredients, the skincare experts at HOLA scoured the stark and dry Australian outback and the warm salty waters of the Australian coastline to find the best products to give us the most simple, natural and healthy skincare regime.

After years of research and with a passion to provide products of difference, HOLA has now launched in Australia with their ground breaking HOLA Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range and HOLA Seaweed Moisturising Range.

Honey and seaweed have long been known as being beneficial to our physical health as they hold a vast range of vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is full of Vitamin K and Iron and when sourced from pristine Australian waters is as pure a product as can be found. And honey, the benefits are said to range from curing sore throats, regulating blood sugar, healing wounds and burns and even preventing cancer and heart disease.

HOLA has utilised these nutrient dense ingredients to develop a Moisturising and Anti-Wrinkle Range like no other. With inventions like the Anti-Wrinkle Glazing Masque and Seaweed Moisture Cleansing Gel, HOLA provides a unique array of gorgeous skincare products that are natural, simple and effective.

The HOLA Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range is enriched with Australian grown honey extract to ensure a smooth, lifting and glowing complexion. The ground breaking range includes a Honey Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser, Day & Night Cream, Eye Cream, Glazing Masque, Lotion, Toner and Essence.

The HOLA Seaweed Moisturising Range is developed using seaweed extract to hydrate, freshen and moisturise skin. The refreshing range includes a Seaweed Moisture Make-Up Remover, Cleansing Gel, Exfoliating Gel, Toner, Eye Gel, Eye Cream, Lotion, Repair Cream, Mask and Essence.

Even though they may be nutrient dense, skin care products still have to do the job they are recommended for. Do these products work? YES, YES, and YES! These products do exactly what they say they will. Your skin will feel the benefits and your wallet won’t be harmed too much in the process – these are products I can highly recommend for any age group and most skin types, but in particular, ageing skin will reap huge rewards.

HOLA Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range

Anti-Wrinkle Lotion – 140ml – $29.00 Made from Australian grown honey and avocado extracts, this moisturiser lifts ageing skin and boosts elasticity

Anti-Wrinkle Toner – 190ml – $27.00 Made from Australian grown honey, keeps the skin hydrated and feeling youthful


Anti-Wrinkle Glazing Mask – 120g – $32.00 Made using Australian grown honey, this mask boosts elasticity and firmness to reveal smoother, younger skin.


Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream – 25g – $36.00 Made using Australian grown honey extracts, works as a lubricant to restore ageing skin, giving tight, smoother look.


HOLA Seaweed Moisturising range

Seaweed Moisturising Cleansing Gel – 100ml – $21.00 Enriched with seaweed extract to dissolve impurities and excess skin oil leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh and hydrated.



Seaweed Moisturising Exfoliating Gel – 80ml – $19.00 Enriched with seaweed extract to gently exfoliate skin with calming scent of the ocean. Works to remove dead skin cells while balancing skin tone.


Seaweed Moisturising Repair Cream – 50g – $32.00 Hydrating cream, enriched with seaweed extract to repair dry skin while prompting smoothness.


Seaweed Moisturising Eye Cream – 25g – $25.00 High performance moisturiser, enriched with seaweed extract to hydrate, improve skin firmness and reduce dark circles.


Seaweed Moisturising Eye Gel – 20g – $22.00 Nourishing eye gel that helps moisturise and sooth dry skin around the eye area, leaving skin revitalised and supple. Use at night time.


Seaweed Moisturising Lotion – 150ml – $28.00 Enriched with seaweed extract, helps moisturise and restore delicate skin, leaving a smooth and soft feeling.


Seaweed Moisturising Make-up Remover – 210ml – $23.00 A light makeup remover enriched with seaweed extract to gently dissolve facial cosmetics without irritating the skin.


Seaweed Moisturising Mask – 130g – $33.00 Hydrating gel mask to help cool down skin after long sunlight exposure, leaving skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant.


Seaweed Moisturising Toner – 150ml – $25.00 Developed with moisturising seaweed extract, it works to remove dead skin cells while balancing skin tone, leaving skin hydrated and refreshed.

Seaweed Moisturising Essence – 30ml – $36.00 Enriched with high levels of seaweed extract, this pre moisturiser reduced wrinkles and minimises pores. Use regularly to leave skin feeling smooth, firm and radiant.

Both the Honey Anti-Wrinkle Range and Seaweed Moisturising Range are available nationally via or in-store at the new Glamourflage shop located at Melbourne Central in Victoria.