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Healthy, Wealthy, Wise!


by Chef Sarah French

Over the years I have really come to dislike the word diet. In its true origin diet means the daily intake of food. These days I feel it’s more used to describe a series of restrictive eating patterns designed for immediate and often short term weight loss. To maximise your health, your daily intake of food or more simply put, your diet, doesn’t have to be restrictive at all. It’s a lot more easy to transform your eating habits than you think, and with these simple 5 steps you will be on your way to creating a sustainable, balanced diet that ultimately become a daily part of your new healthy life.


Step 1 – Cut out all processed and packaged foods.

In this day and age, convenience food is becoming a regular and more accessible part of daily life, but just how convenient are these foods? Great for a quick sugar fix or carb loading but ultimately these foods have zero nutritional value and generally leave us feeling sluggish and dissatisfied. Start by cleaning out your cupboards and taking temptation out of the equation. Donate your unwanted foods to your local food bank or similar charity. A general rule is – if it comes in a plastic wrapper it’s generally not good for you. When sourcing products such as pasta its always best to buy organic; wheat free alternatives such as quinoa and rice products work better in the gut and process much easier in the digestive system.

maplesyrup3Step 2 – Quit eating refined sugars.

Over the years we have become best buddies with sugar and now the gig is UP. Highly processed and refined sugars are destroying our bodies from the inside out. Not only are these sugars making us fat they are also assisting in the fast rise of type 2 diabetes. With a quick energy release that leaves you feeling tired and lethargic soon after, these sugars should be avoided at all cost. Stay sweet by replacing these with natural alternatives such as fresh or dried fruits, high grade maple syrup, yacun syrup, honey, bees’ pollen or agave. Learn to love your food with less sugar.

Step 3 – Drink more water.

The human body is made up of about 90% water so it’s no surprise that drinking more water has its benefits. Increase your water intake to a minimum of 2 litres per day and you will immediately notice the difference. Skin becomes more hydrated, hair more supple and rejuvenated. Water is crucial in filtering toxics from the body resulting in vitality levels up and weight loss.

Step 4 – Add a green smoothie or juice to your morning routine.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for some busy professionals it tends to be their only one until lunch. Packing a green smoothy or juice into your morning boosts energy levels and gives your metabolism the kick start it needs to get things moving.


Step 5 – Be prepared!

With anything in life, if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Commit to eating better by replacing the old nasties with fresh new goodies. Designate set days and times to forage your local markets and fill your fridge and pantry with loads of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains and buy your spring water in bulk so you always have it on hand.

Until next time keep fit, eat well and stay fabulous!