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Got a cool $3m to party?

A $3 million boat in need of repairs to stay afloat is going to auction towards the end of this month, in a bid to resurrect a potential sinking ship and ultimately save its captain.

The 100ft party boat which can hold up to 350 people is being auctioned completely unreserved and starting at just $1.

The boat has sustained significant hull corrosion from the effects of ‘osmosis’ which can happen when welding is not properly conducted from on board the boat.

Deep pitting has occurred on the boat forcing it to be moored until further repairs can take place. Currently in an un-seaworthy state it is a welder’s dream or the perfect opportunity for a boat builder.

“It is the perfect opportunity for anyone who knows the ropes to snap up this once brand new $3 million-dollar vessel for a bargain to reclaim as their own, although this vessel could sink in a few years’ time if they don’t do repairs.” said Mr. Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“It presents a great opportunity for anyone looking for a cost-effective start up to their own party boat hire business,” he continued.

“The boat could sell for any price as it has no reserve and we aren’t sure what it will actually sell for as this is such a unique sale. Bidding will be starting from just $1 so it could potentially sell for a bargain to one lucky bidder,” said Mr. Glenn Screech Head of Business Development for Lloyds Auctions.

Moored up-river from Sydney’s magnificent Harbour, the vessel is still afloat and awaiting its next custodian to provide some TLC and keep the dream alive.

Get onboard, plug the leak and bid now on the Lloyds Auctions website