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Product review - Elegant Eliza Honey Repairwear Lift Eye Cream


Review by Holly Scaunich

Product review – Elegant Eliza Honey Repairwear Lift Eye Cream

Eliza-Eye-Cream-with-box-1024x875As someone who works in the beauty industry I would say I’m quite fickle when it comes to skincare. I know what I’m looking for in results, and I know when I see it. This eye cream was a pleasant surprise. I love that this Australian based company is taking the old world charm of what skincare used to be and presenting themselves as a classic. Many companies now go a very clinical route with their skincare so it’s nice to have the luxury brought back.

This eye cream is specifically designed as an anti-aging product. With a push of Royal Jelly, an ingredient designed to firm and lift, this eye cream is targeted toward the more mature crowd however I think younger users would like it more. A light gel consistency makes it perfect for morning and evening without shifting any makeup or hindering other products. I would say that a more mature crowd would likely not find the eye cream rich enough, as it is very light and therefore a younger skin may appreciate it more. I personally didn’t notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles under the eye but I did notice a large increase in hydration. My skin went from definitely very dry to a normal and balanced texture. It creates a smoothing effect around the eye, allowing makeup to glide over much better, but I would recommend something else to help shift any lines.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this eye cream. I found it to be the extra hydration boost my eye area needed and is something I would continue to use. It would also be great to layer with other eye creams as it would only boost their hydration factor. At $32 it is quite affordable, you would just have to decide whether it would suffice for lone use or would you need to purchase two eye creams. I really liked the packaging and think it would stand out against other products on the shelf, it is definitely a product I enjoyed and will continue to use.