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Get Your Head out of the Sand when it comes to Sugar

We have been told for years that sugar is bad for our teeth, but more recently, it is being documented that sugar is bad for our whole body.

As well as the fact that sugar has absolutely no essential nutrients, over indulging can cause liver problems, is a stepping stone to diabetes, can be helpful in causing cancer, can effect hormones and brain function, raises cholesterol, and is a massive contributor to weight gain.

So, with all that knowledge, let’s just stop indulging in sugar – MUCH easier said than done, as sugar, in its multitude of forms, is hidden in many foods and can be very hard to detect. As well as that, due to its addictive qualities, most of us have what is commonly referred to as ‘a sweet tooth’.


Vanilla Layer Cake


After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and gluten intolerance, Carolyn Hartz ditched eating sugar – that was 27 years ago – long before most of us understood the harm that sugar can do to our bodies – she became the pioneer of sugar-free living in Australia – decades ahead of everyone else.

When Carolyn began her sugar and gluten free journey she found a natural sugar free sweetener – Xylitol – a 100 per cent all-natural sugar free sweetener that is derived from birch trees, the husks of corn cobs and found in many fruits and vegetables that we can eat on a daily basis.

She started her own company, Sweetlife, in 2002, growing her business as her message resonated with people who needed to cut back on their sugar intake.

This October, Carolyn will launch her long-awaited beautifully photographed baking book: Sugar Free Baking – a collection of 60 sugar free and gluten free recipes which proves that you don’t have to miss out on the tasty treats in life


Super Fudge

The book is a collection of 60 sugar free and gluten free recipes and is also a remarkable resource for the serious baker or professional seeking the how and why of sugar-free baking. Carolyn introduces the importance of ‘Why Sugar Free’ and how removing sugar will improve your health. She also explains how to avoid hidden sugars, discusses natural sweetener Xylitol, and includes everything you need to know about gluten free foods.

Beautifully photographed, you would not realize that the recipes within are sugar and gluten free with delicacies from Mini Trifles, Chocolate & Pistachio Brownie and Vanilla Layer Cake to Raspberry Mousse.

More than just a simple baking book, Sugar Free Baking is a testament to Carolyn’s conviction that you really can have your scrumptious cake, desserts and sweet treats without the guilt and harmful effects that can be caused by everyday sugar and hidden sugar.

IMG_Fruit Tea Jelly

Fruit Tea Jelly

“Not only are my recipes free of white sugar which we all know as everyday sugar, but each recipe has absolutely no hidden sugars like honey, agave or rice malt syrup either! This means you truly can have your cake and eat it too,” Carolyn says.

From beetroot & chocolate loaf with cashew frosting and chocolate self-saucing puddings to guilt-free hazelnut chocolate spread and marshmallow & coconut slices, the book proves you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Sugar Free Baking is priced at $29.95 and stockists will be listed on as of October 2015.

SweetLife Book Cover