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Get the oomph without the crunch


by Holly Scaunich

Schwarzkopf Professional has added two new products to their range. Both volumising, the OSIS+ Session Label Volumising Root Spray Mousse and Plumping Lotion are definite musts if you have fine and/or flat hair. These products will give great volume and texture without leaving a residue feeling in the hair.

Spray the Mousse onto damp hair, it is a fine mist that almost blends into the hair when combed or worked through. When blow dried, the product allowed my hair to achieve great lift at the roots without feeling crunchy or dry. I don’t recommend this product for use on hair that has already been dried or for scrunch curling as it will leave your hair with that crisp feeling.

When you have fine hair it can be hard to use a product on the roots without feeling it by the second day, however the Spray Mousse continues to feel weightless in my hair for up to 4 days. This is a long time for extremely fine hair. Not only is this product wonderful for volume, it also provides grip to the hair allowing styling to last much longer. A definite must for me.





The Plumping Lotion was a little different. I would suggest against putting this anywhere near your roots as it will weigh the hair down immediately. However, on the ends it provides thickness to the hair that was not there before. Again like the mousse it creates a grip within the hair allowing styles to hold much longer.

My main drawback with the lotion is the packaging. The product is dispensed via a pump, which normally would be great, but this one dispenses way too much product – too much of this product will cause your hair to get that crisp and crunchy feel to it. It would have been better if you could squeeze the product from a tube where you can monitor the amount you use and eliminate waste.

Unlike the mousse the lotion is quite heavy and can be felt in second day hair, but if you are a daily hair washer I would recommend this lotion over any other in the market.

Retailing for $28.95 each, the Schwarzkopf Professional range is a more expensive product than some, however I believe you are getting a higher quality professional product making it worth the cost.

Don’t waste your money on cheap, spend a little more and achieve far better results within this range.