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Get Active, Naturally, With Activated Nutrients

According to the latest Australian Health Survey, over 93 per cent of Australians are not receiving their daily-recommended intake of nutrients from every day food. More and more people are looking to additives to supplement their nutrient intake.

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood is a natural, plant-based and nutritionally complete, all-in-one super food and multivitamin.

Derived completely from nature but formulated with science, Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood utilises 55 all-natural plant and herbal ingredients (55 in women’s and 59 in the men’s) to deliver the most beneficial mix of pre and probiotics, herbs, red and green super foods, digestive enzymes and non-synthetic vitamins.


“We all lead busy lives, and finding time to sit down to a wholesome meal three times a day simply isn’t possible for a lot of people,” says Dr Jaroslav Boublik, Chief Science Officer at Activated Nutrients, “Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood bridges that nutritional gap by providing an easy all-in-one product, ensuring you don’t miss out on those essential nutrients your body craves to get through a busy day.”

“We’ve specifically formulated gender specific supplements to ensure the needs of both men and women are met,” Dr JB continues, “Men and women process vitamins in different ways and often require additional nutritional support in various areas. With different health goals in mind, the intake of Daily Superfood is a clever solution to assist you in meeting your dreams of wellness without cutting any health corners.”

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood contains nutritionally relevant ingredients vital for supporting energy levels, improving mental performance, regulating hormonal activity, metabolizing fat, maintaining heart health and increasing the function of the body’s immune system.

With a commitment to creating a product that is based on evidence rather than market trends, Activated Nutrients takes an honest approach to product development, with Daily Superfood formulated by a former CSIRO scientist and doctor, and former Dieticians Association Of Australia Dietician and Nutritionist.

Health conscious Hayley Sheridan Coutts trialled Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for prodijee, here is what she had to say about this product.

“I always eat relatively healthily and enjoy eating whole, fresh foods that I can be assured have not undergone a series of processing treatments and that are free of harmful chemicals. In order to ensure I have enough fresh greens in my diet, I recently began drinking green smoothies.

“When searching for these recipes, I noted that many suggested adding a superfood powder. I really loved the addition of Daily Superfood for Women in my shakes and smoothies and was pleased that it didn’t alter the flavour of my drink dramatically.

“The subtle berry tang derived from natural, wholefoods sources added to my enjoyment of my nutritional hit. After drinking one teaspoon of this added to my smoothie each day for a week, I feel as though the pro and prebiotics have already benefited my digestive system with noticeably less bloating to be seen!”

Activated Nutrients is available in a ‘His’ and ‘Her’ option in two sizes:

1-2 week size: RRP $19.95

4-8  week size: RRP $59.95

(The dosage can be adjusted depending on how healthy your diet is. If you eat 3 healthy wholefood-based meals a day, most people find that 1-teaspoon is the perfect amount to feel the benefits of optimal nutritional intake. If you feel your diet is inconsistent or lacking in nutrients, we recommend 2 teaspoons)