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Germany develops 3D-printed fashion

Düsseldorf, July 2016. At this year’s Platform Fashion, the lifestyle specialist Voxelworld and the Japanese car manufacturer Lexus presented 3D-printed fashion for the first time in Germany with a specially developed collection for the event. 13 designers from the USA, Asia and Europe crushed, ground, heated, melted and metamorphosed polymers in order to use the particles in experimental processes, treading new paths in creating the fashion of tomorrow.


In doing so, 3D printing not only changes the expression and appearance, but also the entire production process of fashion. Patterns make way for CAD models, choosing materials is orientated towards the underlying 3D printing process, and mass production and warehouse storage become things of the past, since everything can be produced individually on demand. A new design world is emerging that is still in its infancy in terms of its potential, but has already achieved impressive results.

3D Fashion Presented By Lexus Show - Platform Fashion July 2016Oliver Cynamon, Co-Founder of Voxelworld commented: “We’re pleased that we’ve found a partner in Lexus that shares our fascination for the innovative power of 3D printing and has joined us in bringing the technology’s creative potential to the catwalk.”

Jörg Steier, Brand Manager of Lexus Forum Düsseldorf, stated: “Lexus stands for innovation, resource-saving production and new technologies. With our partner Voxelworld, we are now setting new standards in fashion design and production.”