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Foundations, an exhibition by Stuart Amos


Melbourne, Australia: Graphic designer and self-taught artist, Stuart Amos, will hold his second solo exhibition – Foundations – at the Cambridge Studio Gallery, commencing on October 28.

Foundations is the next development in Amos’s art practice where black has replaced white backgrounds and where the description of the subject is not just about the surface but what is underneath.

The works explore figurative narratives, with Amos excavating beneath the surface of hyper-real skins. “I am drawn to realism but also use the avant-garde impact of the surrealist style to give my work a sense of drama,” he said.


Amos uses multiple canvasses, joined in various configurations, to support the idea that every work can be seen from different perspectives. This technique is reflective of Amos’s design background and, like his use of negative space to feed the drama of his narratives, it reinforces his attentive focus of detail.

He continues to explore the juxtaposition of humanity and the natural world through the excavation of the subject. Peeling back the skin, he exposes harsh granite shapes or worn, gnarled hands crumbling to dust.


Cambridge Studio Gallery – 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

Hyper-real artworks – oil on canvas

Exhibition runs: October 28 – November 14, 2015

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