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Forget the ‘ouch’ factor when brushing hair


by Carol Sheridan

If you think that all brushes for your hair are the same, think again.

Of course, there are different shapes of hairbrush, and of course there are quite a few different type of bristle that can be used, there are also many different uses from curling to straightening, but if you are after a good ‘all-rounder’ hair brush, then you can’t go wrong with Lady Jayne.

The Lady Jayne Smooth & Knotless brush, with its super glide design, smooths and detangles the hair without pulling and the flexible and multi-tuft nylon bristles are gentle on the scalp.

I found that the brush really helped to smooth my hair and tame fly aways as well as getting rid of knots very easily. My hair tends to frizz with even the slightest hint of humidity, so as an extra bit of help on these days, I spray the bristles with hairspray before I brush.

The Lady Jayne Smooth & Knotless brush is currently available in three limited edition colours, Blush, Mint and Coral and is also comes in a convenient purse size.

Being gentle on the scalp and the way it detangles with ease, I would highly recommend this brush for children. The lovely colours would most definitely attract them and the purse size brush would encourage them to brush their own hair.

Available from Priceline, Big W, Target, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and selected Pharmacies.

Standard RRP: AU$15.99

Purse RRP: AU$10.99