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Food of Naples

Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine - by Johnny Di Francesco

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Johnny Di Francesco and his chain of restaurants. I have attended the opening of most of his ventures, participated in one of his master classes, dined on his world famous prize winning pizza (numerous times) and also been lucky enough to partake of some of the sumptuous cuisine this chef has created.

Behind the cuisine and the hugely successful restaurants is a quiet and humble man, a man I have greatly admired since our first meeting. His background story is one I love and have written about. It is the story of a man who, from modest beginnings, decided to follow his passion and worked hard to make his dreams come true.

Now, Johnny Di Francesco, takes you on a personal journey deep into the heart of his childhood Naples and captures the amazing recipes of the city and surrounding areas in Food of Naples—Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine.

Zucchini flowers with crab filling

His beautifully photographed recipes and easy to follow instructions show you how to recreate the tastes and aromas of authentic Neapolitan cuisine which is much more than pizza!

Stuffed Mussels

Naples is a city of beautiful, vibrant contrasts, with restaurants full of a variety of tastes, textures, and cooking techniques. It is clear from this book that Johnny is passionate about this beautiful city, his heritage, food and family as his dedication at the beginning of the book reads –

This book is for my family, near and far.

No matter where in the world we each may be, it is your love, support and our unbreakable bond that keeps me going.

You know who you are, and I love you.

This cookbook contains a variety of dishes for lovers of Italian food—with tastes from the sea, and ingredients enhanced from the sun and soil. There’s something for every taste; seafood, slow-cooked sauces, succulent meats, simple sweets, and an assortment of delicious pasta dishes.

Quail with Potatoes

With this variety of recipes that contain a collaboration of authentic Italian flavours—Food of Naples includes simple and easy as well as some more challenging variations for the more experienced cook. Food of Naples will warm your heart as well as your appetite.

Food of Naples – New Holland Publishers – RRP $45.00

Available from all good bookstores or online –

by Carol Sheridan