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Following the wine trail with John Anthony

The WWW (Who, Where & Wine)

Levantine Hill in the Yarra Valley Victoria.

Idle chit chat and an off the cuff remark, “I would really love a good Pinot Noir right now”, led to a quick search of the cellar and lo and behold, there it was: Levantine Hill 2014 Pinot Noir and I knew from its heritage that this was going to hit the spot.

I felt like a Pinot Noir for its complex yet subtle nature and the Levantine Hill did not let me down. I just love that ruby red splash when it hits the glass and the pungent fragrances that simply and subtlety tell me that this wine is borne from the earth and reared in the great Australian sun.

It is rare to get a Pinot Noir that can have the characteristics of “knocking your socks off”, but the underlying strawberry and tamarind characteristics demand this description.

Another great vintage from Levantine Hill and highly recommended.

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John Anthony