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‘Fish and Chips’ dessert launches this Saturday

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Fish is not something you’d ordinarily expect to see on a dessert menu but all that is about to change at one of Sydney’s most popular dessert bars this weekend.

Better known for its Tella Balls, Tella Ball Shakes, Pastatella and Tellababs, Tella Balls Dessert Bar has introduced a brand new dish, Tellafish and Chips.

The ‘fish’ is represented by shallow fried house-made vanilla bean ice cream with a golden Panko crumb, the ‘chips’ are made of crunchy doughnut with a super soft filling, the ‘tartare’ dipping sauce is fine white Belgian chocolate and of course, finished with a shot of Nutella.

Tellafish and Chips will be available from both Concord and Dulwich Hill stores from the May 27, for $18.