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Feather in your cap

Many of us have thought about it, but not that many of us have done anything about it. We admire them in magazines and on runways, but other than a cap in the summer, purely for shade, do any of us wear a hat?

The latest headwear trends from winter in Europe and North America suggest that classic style hats, Fedoras and Capeline in vibrant colours such as chartreuse green and red will be hot this season. Felt Trilby hats in charcoal, grey and black tones will be popular for men and elegant cloche hats – favoured by many Hollywood celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and featured in many period TV dramas such as Downton Abbey in gorgeous blues and pinks, will be popular for the woman who likes to make a city statement.


Capturing the latest in millinery trends, ‘BeforeDark’ is Rigon Headwear’s luxe collection of designer hats with fashionable styling and quirky finishes for men and women who want to look good in contemporary styles.


The collection offers a range that provides affordable hats for everybody, including cold weather caps and modern riding hats in fabulous colours such as purple and fuchsia. They are a smart, easy to wear option and co-ordinate perfectly with casual-style clothing such as jeans, boots and day dresses.


So, if you haven’t tried this fashion style before, don’t be scared, don’t be shy, 2015 is the year to make a statement in one of the season’s hottest new hat trends revolving around jewels colours, fabulous neutrals and statement styling.



Retail prices for the felt collection range from $37.00 to $70.00.