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Fake it… but do it well!

Shaking hands is a greeting used by many men, but women in the professional sector use it often too.

Imagine – the tailored suit you are wearing is impeccable, your hair is perfectly coiffed, your makeup is light, professional with just a hint of red of your lips and the documentation you are carrying, both in hard copy and on your brand new laptop, is exact, to the point, hard hitting and precisely what you need to ‘nail’ this new client.

You extend your hand in the form of a handshake and *insert killer stabbing sounds from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho* you see that the palm of your hand is bright orange from the tan you applied the previous night!

Too late! What’s done is done; your perfect demeanour and confidence has just gone out the window!

While this exact situation may not have happened to you, I don’t think there is one of us who can honestly say that we have never made a mistake of some kind when fake tanning.

Whether you’re dreaming of spring, or chasing a slice of summer, shake the winter blues with a dose of bronze. From preparation, to maintenance, ace a streak-free tan with Fake Bake Australian Director and Tanning Specialist, Sharon Blockley as she shares her top tips for perfecting a flawless faux glow.


“A perfect tan result is only ever achievable with the right base and preparation,” says Sharon. “Always shave 24 hours before you apply a tan so skin is not overly sensitive. On the day, make sure you thoroughly exfoliate to remove dead skin, paying special attention to drier areas such as elbows, knees, heels and hands.”

Passion Fruit Body Polish


PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish. Rich in potent botanicals, oil-free and with aloe vera extracts, this body-polish with natural exfoliating particles, gently buffs skin to have it beautifully prepped and tan-ready. – RRP AU$22


“When it comes to application, once you have your prep work in place, the specific steps to follow will differ slightly depending on what type of formulation you’re using,” says Sharon. “In general, when working with a liquid or cream apply in circular motions with a tanning mitt for an even finish. In contrast, a mousse formula sinks into skin much faster, so you’ll need to work quicker with this, using long fluid motions to avoid streaks. Finally with a spray, this should be applied by holding the aerosol the recommended distance from skin and applying all over.”
“A key tip to remember before applying any formula is to place a little oil-free moisturiser over dryer areas such as knees, elbows and ankles, this will help the tan glide over your skin and ensure consistent colour all over,” suggests Sharon.

Fake  Tan


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To have your tan last the distance, maintenance is key, suggests Sharon. “Keep skin hydrated and lock your tan in by moisturising daily. To further extend the life of your tan avoid hygiene products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and where possible, steer clear of chlorinated pools, which can prematurely fade your bronze.

Skin Smoothie


PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Fake Bake Smoothie Oil. This go-to moisturising spray offers a fast and convenient way to prolong the life of your tan. A luscious blend of botanical oils, including aloe leaf juice, chamomile extract, rosehip, fennel, marigold, sage and Vitamin E, all work to hydrate and lock your self-tan deep into the skin. – RRP AU$22