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Even seasoned travellers need help

I would consider myself a pretty well-seasoned traveller but when it comes to packing for my trip I always either under pack or more often, over pack. Quite often my travels take me to destinations where the distances I traverse go through many different climates which make packing a nightmare for me.


Knee high boots or ankle boots? How many jumpers will I need? Layers? Sleeveless, elbow length, short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirts? From formal dinners to trekking through deserts, my trips always require a huge range of clothing. Packing is fairly easy if I want to take two large suitcases because I can just pile in a heap of everything, but manoeuvring through airport terminals is nothing but a hassle with anything more than one bag, plus, you always have to consider the space you will have in the car you will be driving around.

The world’s leading guidebook publisher, travel media company Lonely Planet, supplies inspiring and trustworthy information for those planning a trip, on the road or browsing as an armchair traveller and now include a guide for how to pack – my saviour!


“An art, a science, a necessary evil: packing is a task all travellers must tackle before their journey even begins,” authors Sarah Barrell (award-winning travel writer) and Kate Simon (former Travel Editor) write in their Introduction to the book. “Not many of us, however, do it well, and even fewer of us approach it with any sense of pleasure,” Sarah and Kate say.

“Let us fix that,” they continue. “Step away from that mountainous pile of clothing, get up off that suitcase you’re trying to squash shut, and allow this book to unclutter your path to luggage liberation.”

Lonely Planet’s How to Pack for Any Trip includes:

  • Comprehensive packing lists;
  • Tried-and-tested packing methods;
  • Advice for choosing luggage;
  • How-to illustrations; and
  • Kit ideas for every type of trip.


Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first timer, this handy little book will provide packing tips that you have probably never even considered. From filling gaps in your bag, bundling your clothing, the best ways to travel with technology, packing for children, how to find your luggage at the airport, and even hints on preventing those never ending thoughts of things like ‘did I lock the front door?

How to Pack for Any Trip is a must have book for anyone planning an overnight trip to a year trekking the world.

Lonely Planet’s How to Pack for Any Trip

Full colour, H120mm x W178mm, flexibound

RRP AU$19.99/NZ$22.99