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Ensure your shoes look fabulous for winter

As the weather is on the downward spiral here in the southern hemisphere, the time is right to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. For some it’s really exciting, new clothing, new colours, new styles, but you are often also thinking about the items you have safely packed away from last year’s fashions.

What about those items that you love and you will never get rid of, the timeless pieces? This is often the case with shoes and boots, especially if they are comfortable. But what if you pull out that pair of boots or shoes from last year that were your 2015 winter ‘go-to’ footwear, but in 2016, they are looking a little bit sad and sorry for themselves?

No matter how cheap or expensive the shoe, without proper care and attention, they can diminish, devaluing your investment and comfort.

Stylish shoes are essential winter wardrobe items, yet the cooler months can leave your shoes in need of some serious TLC. Giving your existing shoes from last season a makeover is also a fantastic, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for maintaining your style this winter.


Natural materials such as leather and suede are highly absorbent and therefore need protecting and water-proofing from the harsh winter elements such as heavy rain and wind. Specialists in shoe repairs and care, Mister Minit emphasises the importance in preserving your leather and suede to extend the life of your favourite shoes – new or old.

“It’s a shame to have a beautiful new pair of shoes ruined in a matter of hours after leaving the house, so investing time in a water and stain treatment, and anti-slip saver soles will safeguard them and help them run the distance. Remembering leather is like you skin, moisturising and polishing leather on a regular basis will help to remain durable and aesthetically pleasing,” says Mister Minit’s Kylee Young.

The experts at Mister Minit have come up with the below top tips to ensure your shoes survive the winter season and last for many more to come:

Shoe revival

 When applying shoe polish, use an old toothbrush to reach those hard to access areas of your shoes.

  1. Apply Shu Glo on polish cloth and use to buff out fingerprint marks and shine the buckles on your shoes. RRP $9.95.
  2. The Jay El Beeswax Leather Dressing is a natural product that’s ideal for cleaning, softening, preserving, restoring, polishing and waterproofing all leather articles including boots and shoes. RRP $7.95.    NB: This product may darken light coloured or delicate leathers.  125-Guess-Shoes-Gamira-Med-Brown-Leather-Women-Shoes-1
  3. Mister Minit’s Silicone Water-Proofer, a silicone based water repellent, is useful for all other fabrics such as suede, nylon, cotton, canvas as well as leather. The product is ideal for those looking to protect and preserve the wear and tear of their shoes. RRP from $23.95. NB: Mister Minit doesn’t advise using this product on light coloured leathers.  
  4. Single soled shoes will wear very quickly and Mister Minit stresses the importance of applying an anti-slip sole just after purchase to prolong the life of your shoes and help you feel confident you won’t slip on a wet winter’s day. RRP $35.95
  5. To repair nicks and scuff marks on your patents, colour the spot with a marker pen the same colour as the patent leather. Once the colour sinks in, paint over with a very light coat of clear nail polish.  dress-to-impress-black-patent-leather-shoes
  6. If you’re reviving an older suede shoe this winter, use Mister Minit’s Suede and Nubuck Mousse and a suede brush to help lift off dirt. Continue to waterproof shoes on a regular basis to protect from dirt, grime, spills and stains. Mousse Cleaner RRP $15.95

before and after - salt stain b

Take your winter shoes into Mister Minit for some TLC this winter. Just like you, your investment pieces need support to look their best. If DIY is not for you, Mister Minit has a range of “Do it for me” shoe refurbishment options in store where Mister Minit experts will clean, buff, polish, deodorise, and waterproof your shoes on site for only $15.00.

For repairs and advice, visit one of Mister Minit’s 254 stores across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. For information and store locations visit