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Delightful digits

When it comes to delightful digits many of us rely on colourful finger and toe nails. We opt for bright, dark, soft and natural colours to suit our mood, our outfit or even our personality.


While there are many brands of nail polish on the market, some excellent and some not at all good, we expect a lot from them. We want to be able to quickly swipe that little brush of colour over our nails, have it give good coverage, be fast drying and to last, in perfect condition, for a long time. There aren’t many polishes that will do this, but even those that do will always do so much better if they are given the chance to be better.



Applying nail polish on a poor surface is already making the job of that polish difficult. Like painting a wall, preparation is key! But we also need to protect our nails from the damage that polishes can do.

Rough and ridged nails.

Revitanail has an expert range of products designed to prep and prime your digits to utter perfection.

Revitnail Whitening Glow copy

Revitanail Whitening Glow – The brightening base – RRP AU$14.95

Transform stained, brittle and discoloured nails with Revitanail Whitening Glow. Just like a BB cream blurs and corrects, this enhancing nail treatment with White Sapphire and B-White peptides, provides an instant smoothing and perfecting effect for nails that look naturally beautiful and bright.

Revitnail Base Coat copy

Revitanail Base Coat – The protective base – RRP AU$14.95

This handy protective base coat is designed to adhere to the nail plate and secure polish whilst protecting your nails from discoloration. Formulated with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, the Base Coat also works to revitalise and moisturise the nails.

Revitnail Ridge Filler

Revitanail Ridge Filler- The perfecting base – RRP AU$14.95

Create a flawless base for your next manicure with Revitanail’s Ridge Filler.  Formulated to conceal imperfections and smooth uneven ridges in the nail, it also contains Pearl Powder to condition and nourish the nail bed.

Revitanail products are available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.