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De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Power Couple Gift Pack

Split ends, frizz, dullness, no body, unruly – all things I can say about my hair at the moment, and things that indicate my hair has been damaged by the harsh winter weather.

Now, the occasional glimpse of sunshine is reminding me that spring is here and I want my hair in peak condition as I emerge from my winter hibernation.

It’s time to get onto the hair repair now – don’t leave it to the last minute. Firstly, a good cut, but unless you want all your hair cut off, you will need some professional help getting the rest of it into great condition.

De Lorenzo have created the Essential Treatments Power Couple Gift Pack; the ultimate hair repair duo, designed to rescue even the most damaged and unruly hair.

Nourishing pre-shampoo spray Essential Treatments Oil Balance mimics the scalp’s natural oils, rebalancing oily roots and nourishing dry, damaged ends. All you do is shake the can well, spray it onto your hair and comb through. Wait ten minutes then wash and condition. This pre-shampoo treatment is infused with a unique blend of natural oils including Organic Rosehip and Linseed, leaving your hair feeling healthy and re-balanced.

For hair that needs extra nourishment, Essential Treatments Equilibrium is a deep conditioning repair masque that helps to restore dry hair to good health. Simply comb through washed and towel dried hair and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing well. This super treatment masque is formulated with Organic Rosehip and Oat Peptides to strengthen and heal hair.

Delicately and deliciously scented, these products by De Lorenzo will give your hair the boost it needs for you to feel happy about emerging from your winter hibernation.

by Carol Sheridan