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Australian inspiration

Nadz & Sabs will present an Australian landscape-inspired resort collection as well as their Phoenix Collection at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival (SCFF) on Saturday 22 October.

Designer, Nadia Khan, said Australian nature revealed a thousand dyes to her and she wanted to work with nature’s many shades in her new Shades of Australia Collection.

“Our new range is all about colours and represents this sunburnt continent’s sweeping scenic plains, its rugged outback and breathtaking oceans,” Ms Khan said.

“Australian scenery seems to be so vast and formless that it was a contrast to give it form and shape. There is something untamed in its beauty and somehow most of the styles have a natural flow to them.

“We wanted to make this collection very comfortable and wearable and this range uses ombre-dyed soft flowy fabric. It’s your must have leisure wear, ideal for honeymoons, holidays and weekends.”


Ombre is a French word meaning ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’ and true ombre is a time-consuming hand-dipping art form. Ms Khan said ombre looked ethereal as it gradually went from light to dark or from one colour to another and it was a perfect fit for the Shades of Australia Collection.

“The Nadz & Sabs label is passionate about textile art and craft such as hand-beading and embroidery and this collection is no different as we use the laborious art of ombre dyeing to capture the staggering colours that surrounds us in Australia,” Ms Khan said.

“The ombre range is fabric-driven while our earlier Phoenix Collection was intricately embellished with beads and detailed threadwork. We are delighted both collections will be staged at the SCFF.”

Cofounder Sabrina Rashid said the Shades of Australia Collection was based on Australian geography, which was fascinating as both founders were Australian migrants.

“Geography is integral to our identity and here is a project that takes a good look at Australia’s remarkable landscapes and creates something so wearable,” Ms Rashid said.


“As migrants, we sometimes feel like a bridge between different continents and our label is fashioned by the amazing power of fusion. Nadia’s design sensibilities are very fresh and unique as a result and it’s a great strength for the label.”

Ms Khan said the Phoenix Collection drew on fabrics and crafts that stood the test of time to create something aesthetically remarkable for today’s woman.

“Silk, the ‘new’ ancient fabric, features strongly in the collection, which is embellished with exquisite hand beading and intricate thread embroidery, adapting age-old artistries for modern sensibilities,” Ms Khan said.

SCFF, now in its 9th year, is Queensland’s premier fashion event with international recognition. SCFF is set for Saturday, 22 October at The Events Centre, Caloundra and includes a fashion parade as well as a trade lounge.

Nadz & Sabs was founded in 2013 by two friends. Their passion for beautiful clothing and shared vision to introduce more embellishments and textile art and craft in mainstream fashion gave birth to this enterprise.