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Chia – Eat it or wear it?

Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil - Goodness for your skin, your pocket and the planet.

It turns out that chia seeds are not only a super-healthy food. Squeezing the bejesus outta these little seeds produces a lightweight super-oil, ideal for skincare.


Chia seed oil has the 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids which is the perfect balance of essential fatty acids to promote anti-inflammatory support, hydration and nourishment to our skin.


The new Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed range includes Chia Seed oil which provides a mega-omega boost for great looking skin.





As well as the oil, the range includes Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Evening Cream, Every Day Cream Cleanser and Every Week Face Scrub.

Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil – RRP AU$19.95

Every Morning Moisturiser – RRP AU$16.95

Every Evening Eye Cream – RRP AU$16.95

Every Day Cleanser – RRP AU$16.95

Every Week Face Scrub – RRP AU$12.95

Goodness products can be found at all My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse stores and selected Woolworths stores nationwide. (Coming soon to Priceline as well!)