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More than you bargain for in Hastings

Surrounded by farmland, the town of Hastings is one of the ‘gateways’ to the lower part of the Mornington Peninsula, one of Victoria’s great tourist destinations. Most [...]

Loose Lips Specialiteas

There is a saying that goes something like ‘if you love what you do, then you don’t work a day of your life’. That is how it has worked out for Melbourne based tea [...]

New Shanghai dining sensation

Adding to an already impressive list of restaurants, New Shanghai has just opened their latest dining location at the Dining Level, Chadstone Shopping Centre. The restaurant [...]

Best meatballs in the world?

I thought I had tried the best meatballs in the world when I visited New York. Just off Broadway is a family restaurant, Carmines, that serves the most amazing meatballs – [...]

Quiet Deeds indeed

What’s Brewing with John Anthony Quiet Deeds Located in Melbourne. An invitation to the launch of new menu specials at Meatworks Co in South Melbourne [...]

Zonin on the rocks

The hot weather has finally hit in Melbourne (for today anyway), but already the rest of Australia is experiencing some lovely hot and sunny days. Typically, in Australia, [...]


Chill those bottles and pop those corks, it’s getting to the party time of the year! It’s the time where we celebrate horse races, Christmas, the dawning of a new year. [...]

A very good car is made even better

As the word ‘update’ implies, the new Mazda3 is evolution, not a revolution in comparison to the previous model, but when you are starting with such a great platform, [...]

More than a trifecta for Johnny

Zero Gradi Melbourne, Australia: After numerous pizzerias, Italian restaurants, world award winning pizzas, a cicchetti and now a gelataria – Zero Gradi – you would [...]

Time to catch up with gadgets

I am often late to catch on to new trends in the market. I have seen many ‘greatest thing on the market’ come and go so I am hesitant to invest hard earned dollars into [...]

Just a burger

Who hasn’t been to a Huxtaburger restaurant? Me! Well, I hadn’t been until last Friday and I am not sure I would return. Firstly, let me say that the Eastland outdoor [...]

Great Grub – Meat Me

These days, when it comes to food, we hear about blending flavours, mixing and matching fruits with vegetables, which wine goes with which meat or fish, which meat or fish [...]

From a common ancestor

by Carol Sheridan. Melbourne, Australia: I had heard of Chapel Street’s Kin restaurant but so far hadn’t found the time to venture there to give it a try. So, I was quite [...]

Time poor foodies – help is here!

Sydney, Australia: I’m a foodie, I love to eat it, I love to cook it and I love to plan it. But these days, my hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for me to find time to do [...]


by Carol Sheridan. Gradi’s menu showcases the food of Naples and passionately maintains the focus on what has made the name Gradi famous – giving all diners the [...]

Fine food, wine and a beach view

By John Anthony.   WINED BY: Baddaginnie Run of the Strathbogie Ranges in Northern Victoria DINED BY: Cerberus Beach House, Boat Shed 212, Half [...]