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Class act.

IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING 18 MONTHS FOR YOU. I deferred uni at the beginning of last year. I decided to get into the film industry and did a few things like Janet King, Hyde [...]

Rae of Light

The Melbourne suburb of Fawkner hasn’t produced too many country music stars but with Jasmine Rae it has produced one of the nation’s finest. Darren House spoke to [...]

Diverse actor spills the beans

Good looks and charm are abundant within the acting industry, but I got to speak with the epitome of that, not forgetting to mention, incredibly talented – Mr. Zack [...]

Show business.

To the creative people who make motion pictures, TV programs and computer games, these productions are all about the art, however anyone who has tried to make a career in The [...]

Top of the pecking order

by Darren House. Kate Peck is a television presenter, model, Myer ambassador and lover of extreme sports. She has graced catwalks in London, Dubai and Tokyo for luxury [...]

Beware the girl next door

By Carol Sheridan. Chateau Marmont is known as the place in Los Angeles. It is where the celebrities go for coffee meetings and lunches; it is a beautiful setting where [...]