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Art therapy

The Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF) and Kathmandu have teamed up with local Sydney artist, Scott Nagy and winner of AHF Art Awards, Shradda Shrestha to create a street [...]

Grape expectations

by Carol Sheridan. For Jamie Marfell, wine making was an inevitable career choice as he grew up on a farm overlooking a valley of grapevines in Marlborough, New Zealand. His [...]

Good, better… BETTES!

For most people, driving at 305km/h (190mph) would be a terrifying experience. But let’s ramp that up a bit. Imagine you’re staring down a drag strip, alongside another [...]

On top of the world

It’s difficult to know just what the attraction of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is. Perhaps it’s the challenge of climbing more than 1000 steps to a height of 134 [...]


When it comes to a party, Mardi Gras in New Orleans can’t be beaten. To New Orleanians, “Mardi Gras” specifically refers to the Tuesday before lent, the [...]

Stay Private Online

By now most of us will know someone, heard of someone, or even had it happen to themselves – hacked! I am always astounded at the ways these hackers can get into our [...]

Honeymoon Hacks

There is absolutely no doubt about it, planning a wedding is stressful but when the big day finally arrives and the celebrations are over you most definitely deserve some [...]

Jersey, sure?

With Formula One now under American management, many fans are wondering if a new US Grand Prix East may be on the cards. While pondering that proposition, we look back at an [...]

Natural beauty

  Can you imagine being pillion passenger on a motor bike being dropped off at school? How cool! Well, most people would think it is pretty cool, but when you are a young [...]


Nice and early and in plenty of time for you to do all your shopping online, the PRODIJEE Christmas Gift Guide will make your shopping experience nice and easy whether you [...]

I salute you all

At the time of writing this I am reminded of those who have served our country. It is just after the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Remembrance Day. [...]

Hard Charger

With the Bathurst 1000 only days away, we dive into the archives of our sister publication to bring you a 2012 interview with rookie race winner, Nick [...]

A star is born

Was it to buy a bottle of shampoo or to get a haircut? Sophie can’t remember, because since the first time she set foot into a Hairhouse Warehouse, her life has been a [...]

Class act.

IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING 18 MONTHS FOR YOU. I deferred uni at the beginning of last year. I decided to get into the film industry and did a few things like Janet King, Hyde [...]

Rae of Light

The Melbourne suburb of Fawkner hasn’t produced too many country music stars but with Jasmine Rae it has produced one of the nation’s finest. Darren House spoke to [...]

Diverse actor spills the beans

Good looks and charm are abundant within the acting industry, but I got to speak with the epitome of that, not forgetting to mention, incredibly talented – Mr. Zack [...]

Thick As Thieves

With more than 1 million album and 2.5million single sales worldwide, over 200 million Spotify streams, and sharing the stage with some of world music’s biggest names, The [...]

Show business.

To the creative people who make motion pictures, TV programs and computer games, these productions are all about the art, however anyone who has tried to make a career in The [...]

Ultimate Wildlife Destinations

In a world where bucket list activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are more possible than ever before, it is the wilds of the natural kingdom and its majestic and [...]

Sugar Rush vs HSC

Most 17 year old boys would say that they spend their spare time playing computer games, or playing sport, maybe watching sport, or hanging out with their friends. Some would [...]

Destination Dubai

by Carol Sheridan. Behind Dubai’s wow factor is a city with history and culture that is still rooted in Islam and trade. The Arab culture and folklore is expressed through [...]

Top of the pecking order

by Darren House. Kate Peck is a television presenter, model, Myer ambassador and lover of extreme sports. She has graced catwalks in London, Dubai and Tokyo for luxury [...]

The not-so-secret secret

Probably all of us have heard of the ‘war’ between north and south of the border – that’s north and south of the Murray River! Which is the best state? Victoria? New [...]

The most elegant lady

Lots of girls love going to the races, dressing up, styling a dress with a hat or fascinator, but after receiving so many compliments and requests from friends to make their [...]

Beware the girl next door

By Carol Sheridan. Chateau Marmont is known as the place in Los Angeles. It is where the celebrities go for coffee meetings and lunches; it is a beautiful setting where [...]

Ski in Dubai

Behind Dubai’s wow factor is a city with history and culture that is still rooted in Islam and trade. The Arab culture and folklore is expressed through music and dance; [...]

Masters masterclass

Vino Paradiso is one of Australia’s greatest wine festivals with 32 Australian wine regions, 80 wineries, and 1,000+ wines, all at one spectacular location. Vino Paradiso [...]


by Carol Sheridan. Gradi’s menu showcases the food of Naples and passionately maintains the focus on what has made the name Gradi famous – giving all diners the [...]

Spook night looms

The night of horrors is nearly here – October, 31 – Halloween – make sure you have your mask or costume ready as your attempt to mimic or appease the evil spirits. [...]

Get your next pair from The Next Pair

Have you ever gone on holidays to a special part of the world and all your family and friends have given you lists of things you ‘could pick up’ for them? Meaning – [...]

Lovin’ the Big Apple

“Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leaving today I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…” Those opening words from the famous song, written by Fred Ebb and John [...]

Island getaway – Part two

Words: Carol Sheridan. Photos: Darren House. We took the Tasman Highway along the East Coast for our trip to Launceston, through the beautiful coastal villages of Triabunna, [...]

Island getaway – Part one

Words: Carol Sheridan. Photos: Darren House. Beautiful blue skies, magnificent scenery, friendly people, pure air, pristine water and amazing produce. I have just returned [...]

Find the gateway to the soul

It’s an expense now, but later down the track, you will wish you had spent the money, treasured events can’t be reproduced. These days, everyone seems to be a [...]