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A lip balm with the soothing qualities of green tea

Product review - Carmex Jasmine Green Tea Lip Balm


by Holly Scaunich



Carmex has been around for so long it is a staple in nearly everyone’s lives and in the world of lip balms it is definitely a top shelf product. It is normally a brand that is scent free so the addition of jasmine is simply to delight the senses, and it does just that.

Strong without being overpowering it just gives that extra and nice touch to a basic product. Can you live without it? Yes. Does it make it better so you don’t have to? Yes!  

Green tea is known for its soothing and healing properties and does just that in the balm. It has an almost cooling effect and gives intense hydration which helps to heal dry cracked lips – exactly what we want especially heading into the Australian winter.

 For me, the only downfall with the lip balm is that it contains petroleum. If overused, products containing petroleum can have an opposite effect with your lips going into withdrawal if you slow down use of the product. To avoid this situation, simply just apply when you need extra moisture.  Overall you can’t go wrong with Carmex.

At $5.99 its affordable, not tested on animals, preservative free and does the job it should. Definitely something that’s worth purchasing to protect your lips this cold winter.