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Burning memories

Australian scent house, TÄNDA Modern, has released a limited edition ‘Cities Collection’ to culturally diversify the candle industry and introduce international aromas into Australian homes. The range offers sophisticated fragrances, quite possibly very suited to men who generally prefer fragrances that are not too flowery.

Inspired by the cultural influences of TÄNDA Modern’s founder, Alyson Sturley, the Cities Collection is made using high quality, vegan and eco-friendly natural soy wax and housed in locally sourced recycled glass vessels.

“The Cities Collection is unique to TÄNDA Modern as each scent profile has been developed to capture the core essence of my favourite cities around Australia and the world,” Alyson said.


The vessels holding the candles are a strong but simplistic design and incorporate modernism, minimalism and strong iconographic themes that appeal to all ages, genders and lifestyles.

Inspired by cultural influences, the Cities Collection is available in 5 scented profiles reminiscent of Melbourne, Cannes, Amman, Osaka and San Francisco.


Melbourne – As one of the world’s most beautiful cities and home to TÄNDA Modern, the Melbourne scent is a perfect blend of rich and creamy coffee with hints of delicious chocolate.

Cannes – A scent that depicted the city’s beautiful beaches and coastlines using a blend of lavender, sea salt, lime and hints of freesia.

Amman – This scent showcases the deep and sultry notes of nutmeg, amber, bergamot and cardamom.

Osaka – Inspired by city laneways, the Osaka scent is the ultimate citrus blend of yuzu, mandarin and bergamot.

San Francisco – Reminiscent of ice cream on Pier 39 and days full of sunshine and laughter, the San Francisco scent is full of sweet notes of vanilla, tonka bean, cardamom and sandalwood.