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BUGS step up with new song ‘Neighbourhood’

Brisbane is known for its sun, its flip flops, its XXXX Gold, and its uncanny ability to churn out infectiously catchy tunes at an alarming rate. BUGS, a trio of boyish blokes originally from the coast and now living in suburban Brisbane, are the new kids on the cul-de-sac with their fresh anthem “Neighbourhood”.

Coming to life in 2014, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Connor Brooker founded BUGS as a bedroom recording project. Soon after, a community of fans grew and Connor found himself selling out small local shows and eventually getting offers to support the likes of PUP (Canada), Modern Baseball (US) and Twin Peaks (US); not to mention locals Hockey Dad, Good Boy, Bleeding Knees Club and Spiderbait.

Joined by Brock Weston (Drums) and Jordan Brunoli (Bass) in 2015, the band went from strength to strength gaining industry support along the way with their energetic live show and emotionally raw lyrical content. Bugs are fun, rambunctious, and charismatic – they’re your friends with a carton and an eski next door – writing relatable tunes that you can sing along to, but with a depth below the surface.

“This song is about feeling trapped by strangers and the unknown of what lurks across the fence.”

“As a kid I grew up in a regional surf town where we didn’t lock the doors, a man walking down the street alone wasn’t a predator to fear for children, you didn’t wear a bike helmet. I’m not necessarily sure if my attitude has changed with maturity or if the world is a bit more twisted now – people don’t seem as open as they were, our society is afraid of sharing. Giving something up voluntarily is seen as vulnerability so people don’t take the chance.” – Connor Brooker

“Neighbourhood” is the first of a 6-track EP due for release in November.


Friday 10th Nov: Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane with special guests

Thursday 16th Nov: The Penny Black, Melbourne Supporting Young Lions

Friday 17th Nov: Republic Bar, Hobart Supporting Young Lions

Saturday 18th Nov: Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney Supporting Young Lions

Friday 8th Dec: Sol Bar, Sunny Coast with special guests