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by Carol Sheridan

In the cooler months of the year I tend to use a roll on deodorant, but I find that most roll on’s don’t give me the protection I need when the outdoor temperature starts to rise. A roll on deodorant can also often become sticky which is a pretty horrible feeling.

I don’t like the chemicals used in aerosol deodorants and often find myself having a coughing fit in the bathroom as I spray my underarms – without fail, I seem to inhale some of the product which I am 100 percent sure is not good for my lungs. Still, I persist when the weather is warm as the aerosols give me the protection from body odour and sweat that I want.

When I was recently sent a new deodorant to trial I wasn’t sure how it would fit into the market place – it wasn’t an aerosol deodorant but it also wasn’t a roll on deodorant.

Formulated using 100% natural and organic ingredients, Babs Bodycare Daily Natural Deodorant Crème comes in a glass jar and is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients and palm oil and all you do is rub a small amount under each armpit. The crème neutralises body odour while eliminating toxins and harmful bacteria from the skin. Offering antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it is ideal for sensitive skin by controlling sweat, soothing irritated skin and nourishing the epidermis with vitamins A and E.

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The Babs Daily Natural Deodorant Crème comes in two unisex scents – Tea Tree and Citrus. The citrus is the one I have been trialling and I find the scent to be fresh and zingy, but as with all deodorants I have used, the scent disappears very quickly. That’s not a bad thing as you don’t want your deodorant scent interfering with your perfume or aftershave.

The weather here has been very warm and humid and definitely the weather I would otherwise be using (and inhaling) a spray deodorant, but I am super pleasantly surprised to say that the Babs Bodycare Daily Natural Deodorant Crème is keeping me free from body odour and perspiration. Unlike some roll on deodorants, this product keeps you dry under the arms without any stickiness at all, and unlike spray on deodorants, there is no chance of you inhaling aerosol fumes.

This product most definitely has a place in the deodorant market – natural, easy to use, no stickiness, no aerosol and… IT WORKS REALLY WELL!

RRP AU$14.00 (120g) / $9.00 (60g)