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Blood Father

Mel Gibson returns to the big screen as John Link, an ex-convict and alcoholic in the action packed movie – Blood Father.


The movie opens with Link speaking at an AA meeting but surprisingly the movie isn’t all about Gibson’s character. Link’s estranged daughter is just as much, if not more, a troubled character than her father and finds herself in trouble with a drug cartel. The daughter, Lydia, played by Erin Moriarty, seeks out her father for refuge but even the remote desert location trailer park where he resides doesn’t offer them anonymity and protection.

Throughout the action packed movie I often found myself thinking that the John Link character was closer to the real Mel Gibson than any other character I have seen him .


Moments of humour spring up throughout the action as Link does whatever it takes to protect his daughter.

While I love an action packed movie, I have never been a huge Mel Gibson fan, this movie has changed my mind. I found, whether real or acting, the heart of this character was true and that of someone who has done wrong, done their time and looking to just disappear from the rest of the world until something bigger than his past comes along in need help.

Directed by Jean-François Richet, starring Mel Gibson, William H. Macy, Erin Moriarty and Elisabeth Röhm, Blood Father is a very enjoyable movie that will open in Australian cinemas September 1.