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Blonde Bombshell

In 1933, the platinum blonde Jean Harlow was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and in the same year she starred in a movie called ‘Bombshell’. At that time, the term ‘bombshell’ was used when referring to an incredibly attractive, dynamic, sexy and flamboyant celebrity sex symbol who was a specific type of blonde.


Jean Harlow


Marilyn Monroe

Today, the same term still refers to a very attractive blonde woman, and it still refers to a particular tone of blonde – platinum.


There is a time old saying ‘blondes have more fun’, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but whether you are a natural blonde or one who has chemically treated hair, staying blonde requires work.

Blonde hair can change colour all by itself and it can change almost overnight, much to the chagrin of the owner of those once stunning locks. Those blondes who swim know all too well that their hair can gain a greenish hue very quickly if they subject their hair to swimming pools due to the chemical reaction of copper and chlorine.


In colour treated hair, underlying natural pigment, often caused by your stylist not lifting your natural colour properly, makes your hair already susceptible to getting a brassy tint and if the water coming out of your shower head has a high mineral content you are also more susceptible to a change in your hair colour. Yellow tones can also be attributed to pollution and smoke as can using the wrong products when shampooing and conditioning.

To keep your blonde locks looking vibrant and beautiful, you need to use the right products and the ‘novafusion Blonde Bombshell Pack’ by De Lorenzo, is the perfect choice.blonde-bombshell-pack_4

The Silver Colour Care Shampoo is perfect for blonde or lightened hair, helping to banish brassy and yellow tones and keeping colour fresh. Native flora extracts soften and smooth damaged cuticles for shiny, manageable hair.

The Silver Colour Care Conditioner is formulated to work in synergy with your hair colour, giving brilliant shine. It controls and prevents colour fade in natural and colour enhanced hair types, whilst reducing unwanted brassy yellow tones in blonde hair.

I didn’t realize that I had any yellowing to my blonde hair, I guess that when you look at your hair numerous times a day it is hard to see changes, unless of course your hair suddenly turns green. After using these products I noticed that my hair had a vibrancy that it had previously lacked and that the highlights through my naturally blonde hair were now shimmery and bright. I did find the vivid deep violet coloured shampoo a tad difficult to use, only because it took a little more work than I would normally put in to get it through all my hair, but the results most certainly outweigh that small detail.

De Lorenzo’s Blonde Bombshell Pack includes full size and handy travel size Novafusion Silver Colour Care Shampoo and Novafusion Silver Colour Care Conditioner to keep blonde shades vibrant whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

RRP: $39.95

Available from January 2017 – De Lorenzo products are available in salons around Australia.

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by Carol Sheridan