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Better than Natural Pigmentation

Jojoba has just introduced their natural pigmentation oil which I think is a must have for all aging or blemished skin.

The natural pigmentation oil is 99.9 per cent natural Jojoba rich, chemical free and enriched with vitamins and active ingredients to specifically target pigmentation and reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, redness and uneven skin tone.


Clinical tests on the active ingredient – Rumex Extract used in the product revealed that with the product being used twice a day every day

  • Skin lightening and reduction of redness after 3 weeks
  • 15 per cent reduction of age spots in 3 weeks
  • 25 per cent reduction of age spots within 6 weeks

USAGE – Massage 1-2 drops onto clean skin morning and night. For best results, follow with Jojoba Moisturising Protective Day Cream SPF15 in the morning and Jojoba Intense Overnight Renewal Cream at night.

Jojoba Natural Pigmentation Oil is available at leading Health Food Stores, selected Pharmacies across Australia and online at

RRP (ex GST): $42.95