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Beer cocktails hit GABF 2017


When you bring up the idea of a beer cocktail, many turn up their nose at mixing things with beer. What many don’t realize is that beer cocktails are huge in the US and an emerging trend here in Australia.

Gorge Camorra, Geelong’s cocktail king with numerous mixology awards, will be mixing a range of delicious beer cocktails at this year’s 5th annual Great Australian Beer Festival.

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Gorge Camorra

Aptly named after his soon to be opened 18th Amendment Cocktail Bar, Gorge will be serving up a variety of beer cocktails from a quirky caravan bar called Meet Gertrude Beer & Cider cocktails comprise:

Spiced Peach & Berry Mojito – Peach liqueur, mint, lime juice and Forbidden Fruit apple berry cider

Ginger Apple High Ball – Monkey Shoulder scotch whisky, ginger syrup, lemon & Franks apple cider

Lagerita – Patron Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, Agave nectar, Southern Bay Requiem Pilsner

Monkey Goes Bananas – Monkey Shoulder scotch whisky, banana liqueur & Prickly Moses Chainsaw

Whisky Boilermaker – Scotch Whisky matched with Odyssey Calypso Pale Ale

Gorge say’s beer cocktails are one of the most versatile summer drinks out there because they’re diverse enough (from fruit-based beers to sour varieties to malts) to mix with both the savoury and the sweet. “Better ingredients make better drinks,” he said.

The Great Australian Beer Festival is happening on Saturday 18th February at Geelong Racecourse.

Visit to learn more about the festival.