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Back to the basics with detox


by Holly Scaunich

In a world where everyone is looking to be as natural as possible, so many products on the market are focusing on what they don’t have in their ingredients as much as what they do have. This is especially common within the beauty industry. Many products are detoxing, strengthening and all about making your hair and skin as beautiful as can be simply by bringing back the basics.


Pure Hair Food focusses on how to care for the hair on your head in the most natural way possible. Sulphate, sodium chloride and paraben free, the shampoo allows the elements of aloe vera, wheat protein and vitamin B5 to work without any chemical interference.

The Australian made shampoo works to remove product, dandruff and residue while still leaving the hairs natural oils hydrating the scalp. The natural ingredients work to stimulate the scalp which in turn stimulates natural hair growth. With so many products on the market working against the body’s natural process by changing the fibres within the hair, Pure proves that products can be used to work with not just against.

Available from salons for $26.90 the range proves to be competitive within both the store and salon ranges. I found this shampoo to be perfect for multiple hair types, and can be used daily to a once a week deep clean. I even applied this product on hair extensions with great success.

While shampoo may be something that many may not put much thought into I would completely recommend Pure Hair Food for all.


2The method of applying oil onto the skin is a fairly new premise. Great for both dry and oily skins there are many different options on the market and just like every other skincare product, depending on your own skins concerns there is oil that is said to work well for it.

One such oil is Jojoba. A natural vitamin rich oil, jojoba has been used as a skincare ingredient for years but now you can apply it directly to the skin.

The Jojoba Company Ultimate Jojoba Oil is 100% natural oil for the skin. Extremely hydrating and rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F jojoba oil is proven to actually stimulate changes within the skin. Working on skin tone and texture, those with younger skin will enjoy the benefits that help to regulate the body’s own natural oil flow. Those with older skin will love the anti-aging benefits of jojoba oil that work on elasticity and the plumping of fine lines and wrinkles and that jojoba will keep the skin naturally lubricated.

At a cost of $39.95 it is on the more expensive side of the market but given but given the vitamin additives I believe that the price is justified.


1 (002)Being in the skincare industry myself I can’t tell you how many clients focus on what they believe to be “natural” skincare. However with many brands containing hidden man made ingredients it can be deceiving.

Musq is one brand that it striving to stand out. The company has created a cream cleanser using the natural benefits of jojoba, rose and grapefruit to leave the skin soothed, refreshed and clean. Being a cream cleanser with two of three main ingredients focusing on hydration the product is quite rich and using the recommended single pump of product there are people with certain skin types that might find this way too much.

The cleanser is also great as a makeup remover as it works well to break down product, however you may find you will need to cleanse twice for many makeup types and that there may be some residue.

Priced at $44.95 for 200mls I find this product to be a little overpriced, but I enjoy that you get a good amount of product for your money.