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Best meatballs in the world?

I thought I had tried the best meatballs in the world when I visited New York. Just off Broadway is a family restaurant, Carmines, that serves the most amazing meatballs – rich, juicy and packed with flavour.

Last night the PRODIJEE team was invited to the official opening of the Meatball and Wine Bar located at 150 Chapel Street, Windsor and now I can say that I will be putting my memories of New York meatballs aside because I have found even better ones.


With a family history dating back to the 1900s in Italy within the cattle industry, the Meatball & Wine Bar serves balls made from Pork, beef, Chicken, fish and Vegetables. All products are lovingly prepared by artisans using time honoured traditions with the finest quality Australian ingredients. Succulent pork shoulder, line caught fresh white fish caught from Australian waters, certified free range trimmed chicken thighs and home grown seasonal vegetables are used to create these delicious balls.

When you visit the Meatball and Wine Bar, you choose the type of ball you want, you choose the type of sauce and then you choose whatever you would like your balls to sit on – Polenta, Mash, Pasta etc. It’s a build your own meal, but of course they do it for you in the kitchen. Or, if the choices are too overwhelming for you, you can leave it completely up to the serving staff or order a complete meal from the menu.



Our evening started with cocktails, wine, beer or soft drink and individual Charcuterie Boards that were packed with Grissini Sticks, Mozzarella di Buffala and a selection of tender and flavour packed cured meats.


As the drinks flowed freely throughout the night we were treated to Roast Beef Sliders and Meatball Sliders – pure taste sensations! The crowds of attendees dived on the trays of food being offered like hungry seagulls, but their actions were because of the rich and tasty goodness the food offered and nobody could be blamed for wanting more – and more – and even more!


Matteo Bruno (right)

Owner, Matteo Bruno, officially launched the new venue and thanked people who have been instrumental in the restaurant’s story –

For some reason or other I’ve embarked on this meatball journey which has led us here tonight to celebrate the fourth instalment of the Meatball & Wine Bar. A big congrats must go out to the team at Techne Architects for interpreting the Meatball & Wine Bar brand and delivering an amazing design concept for this new restaurant, and the team at MIC projects for executing their design and creating the fit out that you see here tonight – well done guys.”


Not only launching this new venue in his speech, Matteo made another huge announcement about the restaurants core value of using quality ingredients sourced from those who grow with ethical farming practices.

I’ve been searching for a way to create a closed loop or end to end model, whereby we, as the restaurant, are 100 percent responsible for each and every product that we serve on the menu. I am super happy to say, that the Meatball & Wine Bar, now owns its very own butchers shop and this is where we will be sourcing our own proteins direct from farmers so that you know that each of our hand rolled meatballs, comes from a good home. It’s Mr Macellaio’s meat shop in Richmond, ‘Macellaio’ being the Italian word for butcher and there’s a bit of a throwback to the old school butcher shop and this will open to the public early next year. It will specialise in Italian cuts of meat, dry aged beef, smoked ribs, and of course, take home meatball.”


When it comes to a great restaurant, great food is not the only factor, but this place has it all. Amazingly friendly staff who are attentive without being ‘in your face’, their service was top notch and they are a credit to the Meatball & Wine Bar. For me, décor is also very important and again, this venue has it in spades – edgy yet comfortable and welcoming while being right on trend.



The people who have been involved in making this chain of restaurants such a success was not lost on Matteo who humbly said, “I couldn’t run this show without some core people who have been with the meatballs family for years. I will thank you all personally, but I did want to publicly Rhys, Nebile and Guy, for their incredible contribution to this group of restaurants, and of course, my wife Alice, who gets in there and rolls balls – in the kitchen – every week, making this really a family business.”


The Meatball & Wine Bar in Windsor is sure to be a huge success, its location, food, décor and staff are absolutely everything anyone could expect from a great dining experience.

I look forward to returning soon to sample more delicious meatballs and to spend time in this fun venue.

Addess: 150 Chapel Street, Windsor

Bookings: (03) 9521 4465

Opening hours: Monday & Tuesday 5pm ‘til 1am

Wednesday – Sunday 12pm ‘til 1am

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by Carol Sheridan