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Educational entertainment is rising to a whole new level with the launch of the Busy Izzy series in Australia. This exciting children’s ‘edutainment’ series encourages friendliness, co-operation, generosity and a healthy lifestyle through the main character, Busy Izzy.

Busy Izzy and Friends created and written by renowned celebrity vocal coach Roxanne Kiely and illustrated by Jeesoo Kim, is the first storybook in a 10 part series about the adventures of Busy Izzy, a 12 year old girl and her diverse group of friends. The intelligent and creative world of Busy Izzy not only contains imaginative stories, featuring playful rhythms and rhymes, but also incorporates healthy recipes, catchy sing-a-long songs and music videos for children to dance along to. This unique book and audio CD contains five energetic songs, co-written by Roxanne and Stephen Kiely, for children aged two to eight years old. The music videos include an energetic exercise song called “Busy Izzy Says” and a jazzy upbeat educational alphabet video “My 26 BFF’s”.

Busy Izzy and Friends

“After reading the manuscript of Busy Izzy and Friends and the précis for the 10 book series last year, I felt excited and motivated to endorse it,” says Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation. “The old-fashioned qualities of looking out for your neighbour and being active in your community really appealed. I recommend this book to anyone who wants their child to improve their understanding of words, especially given the delightful incorporation of rhythm and rhyme into the storylines,” says Andrew.

With stories which engage the hearts and minds of young readers, the Busy Izzy series focuses on confidence, responsibility, inclusion, honesty and empathy. For learning, it incorporates rhyming, alliteration, counting and singing.

Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!


Mother and primary school teacher, Hayley Sheridan Coutts, gives her approval of these books saying –

“The Busy Izzy books feature lovable, clever and kind Izzy and her friends. These fun stories are educational, engaging and help to build primary aged children’s value systems. Children will enjoy that their beloved characters feature in a range of books in this series and the addition of recipes for healthy foods mentioned throughout the stories help the audience feel as though they too are a part of this gorgeous and happy town.

“I always find that rhyming stories really help draw children into their tale, and of course, this just contributes towards the educational factor.

“Unlike some educational books and series, the Busy Izzy books are not overtly all about the learning and children would be happy to read these books for pleasure (with the learning simply a positive side effect!)”

Busy Izzy and Friends is available from Book Depository, Booktopia, Dymocks (in store), Angus & Robertson (online), The Children’s Bookshop – Beecroft (in store), Abbey’s Bookshop (Sydney in store) and Berkelouw Books (online). RRP $14.99.