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Does your skin add years to your age?

Your skin can add years to your age, but it is definitely possible to reduce the signs of ageing by looking after your skin. Dryness, sagging, discolouration and dullness along with fine lines or enlarged pores all give tell-tale signs of age, or worse, an age older than you really are.


RACINNE’S Ultimate Youth Power Series can help reduce these signs of aging and keep your skin hydrated and conditioned. The series includes anti-ageing formula – Korean ginseng callus extracts and active anti-oxidating ingredients which help to activate collagen and elastin production to correct fine lines and large pores leaving skin toned with a youthful and revitalised glow.

The series is luxurious to use and leaves your skin feeling well-nourished and dewy, it includes a Neck Emulsion (30 ml – RRP AU$63.00), Eye Cream (30g – RRP AU$80.00), Power Lotion (50ml – RRP AU$73.00), Eye Serum (10ml – RRP AU$41.00), Serum (30ml – RRP AU$85.00) and Mask (75ml – RRP AU$59.00)

Ultimate Youth Power

Ultimate Youth Power Eye Cream

To get the best out of these, or any, skincare products, your skin must be free of impurities.

Partnering with the world’s leading dermatologists and biotechnology laboratories, RACINNE offers their lady I – Massaging Rejuvenation System. This cleansing system was designed to facilitate your daily cleansing regime and help address skin care concerns by gently massaging, cleansing and exfoliating skin. The system makes your face-washing experience more effective and ever before, especially when used with the Ultra Hydra Perfection Cleansing Foam.

The facial brush head exfoliates off dead skin cells, removes impurities, minimises the appearance of visible pores and assists with the absorption of skincare products. The water resistant qualities and anti-slip handle technology is convenient for use in the shower.

Lady I

The Lady I Rejuvenation System consists of 4 system applicators including a facial brush head, facial sponge head, pumice stone head and body brush head (RRP AU$49.00)