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Be RFID safe

In Australia, we have become used to heightening our awareness of safety when we travel overseas, but it is now a very sad that we are advised to heighten that awareness in our own country.

Long known as the maker of bags to use when travelling due to their safety features, Hedgren is now known as the brand of bag for every day security.

The Belgian luggage brand has announced that by popular demand, it has added RFID blocking pockets to selected styles of its popular Inner City collection, which has also just released several new colourways. But what is RFID and why do we need and want this feature? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification – it is a technology that when used illegally, can invisibly scan your passport and credit card details while these items are safely tucked away in your bag. Your personal information is then sent remotely to unknown sources. So, it’s a big YES, we need to protect ourselves against this sort of personal security threat.


Inner City “Eye” Shoulder Bag – RRP $139

Now, available in Australian stores, the selected styles feature quality anti-theft RFID blocking pockets, with the updated models marked with a special display tag.

“The Inner City collection from Hedgren is well loved by Australians as travel bags as well as urban bags, and as a nation of avid international travellers, we are growing more concerned about digital security when we travel,” says Brand Manager for Hedgren Australia, Pam Weston. “Hedgren has listened and addressed this concern with high quality RFID blocking pockets, making these bags more secure at airports and other high risk areas for credit card scanning and ID fraud.”


Inner City “Orva” Bag – RRP $159


Designed with Hedgren’s signature European style and flair, the Inner City collection is iconic and timeless, with functional design inspired by the needs of the contemporary urban woman. Ideal companions for every day, they lend a playful and carefree look – with just a hint of sporty attitude.


Inner City “Fanzine” Shoulder Bag – RRP $159

The new Inner City styles are available in the following styles: Fanzine, Eye, Fate, Sputnik, Orva, Fola.

RRP $99.95 – $199.00