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Lose yourself in delicious scents


Let’s face it: nothing quite compares to that glorious feeling of a 5 (or 28!) minute shower in the morning. It’s where we make our most important life decisions; rehearse the excuse we give our boss for running late; sing like there is no tomorrow.

We should really be saving water, not that we are on water restrictions now, but water is a valuable resource – yet, sometimes it is just too difficult to get out of that shower, particularly when you are using a delicious SODA & Co body wash. The zingy flavours (oops, sorry – scents!) of Pink Lemonade, Orange Splash and Mint Burst just keep your mind alive. They heighten your senses; let you get lost in delicious thoughts of tangy fruit, schoolyard treats, long ago bath time playfulness and childhood laughs.

Often you will find that the only way you can drag yourself out of that shower and away from those thoughts, is to remind yourself that you can experience those delicious thoughts again when you towel off and apply the SODA & Co body lotion in the same delightful scents.

The SODA & Co sweet favourites are enriched with natural emollients, such as Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Peach Kernal Oil, including antioxidant–rich Green Tea, citric acids and vitamin extracts.

With a controlled ‘no mess’ dispensing system, the natural body wash gently cleanses, purifies and rejuvenates the epidermis, while the lightweight body lotion locks in moisture and laces the skin in one of the three indulgent fragrances.

Natural Body Wash – RRP AU$12.95 (250ml)




Natural Body Lotion – RRP AU$16.95 (250ml)