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Chateau Ambiance

If you are lucky enough to have spent a few hours at a day spa, you will know the importance of atmosphere, surroundings and very importantly, beautiful products.

While it isn’t possible for most of us to visit a day spa on a regular basis, we can create the atmosphere in our own bathrooms.

Candles, soft background music, luxurious towels and of course, delicious smelling products that feel rich on our skin, all help create a sense of calm and zen that is found in a day spa or often in a French Chateau.dff260e7091236585b012b320bbf99c3

Chateau Ambiance has channeled the luxurious nature of France’s best chateaus and spas and created a line of premium skincare that promises to ignite the senses and indulge the skin.


Raw Sugar Body Scrub – RRP AU$18.95


Walnut Face Scrub – RRP AU$19.95

Created using only the finest natural ingredients, the luxury spa range by Chateau Ambiance boasts a gorgeous Raw Sugar Body Scrub to buff away dead and damaged skin and a Walnut Face Scrub to gently exfoliate, nourish and restore. The combination of the face and body scrub will transform you from lady to la demoiselle. From man to homme.These delicately scented products are easy to use and work wonders on your skin, leaving it feeling tingly fresh and ready for you to lie back in that bath and simply relax in your ‘zone’.

You provide the towels, candles and music, and leave it to Chateau Ambiance to provide the rest to create a luxurious and truly relaxing atmosphere.