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In time for the sunshine

While our days are still gloomy and cold, we dream about sunshine and warm balmy days, but those days are not all that far away.

As we near the end of winter, it is time to think about spring and fun times outdoors and those lovely bright happy colours we love to wear.



Perfect to wear at any time of year, but particularly when you are looking for a colour hit, Ice-Watch is a Belgian watch brand defined by its vibrant colourways. With more than 400 styles across 20 collections, each model appeals by combining a subtle shade for the dial and top of the wrist strap, and a strong colour for the hands, inner circle and bottom of the wrist strap.

There are 18 two-tone Ice Duo watches to choose from – it is the perfect spring/summer accessory.

Ice-Watch is available from more than 350 retailers Australia-wide including David Jones and online at with prices starting from $89.