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Dear Barber

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, males of the human species would traverse the countryside – over hills, down dales and often across vast open expanses to make a weekly pilgrimage to small buildings that were often identified by a red and white striped pole.

Deemed ‘off limits’ to the female of the species, these buildings were a haven for men. A place they could revel in male company, discuss their working week and family woes while at the same time be groomed by highly skilled males – males who were trained in the art of coiffure and style for the most masculine of the species.



Surprisingly, these times aren’t really all that long ago and the ‘barber shop’ seems to be making a resurgence after having come close to distinction in local shopping precincts. The waxed and slicked styles that were favourable amongst men when they were regularly visiting the barber are making a comeback, and the styles that men wore in those in-between years have either been marched from our society swiftly or well on their way to being ‘out’ – the bowl cut / long and free flowing / sharpie cut / the… (shudder) mullet / and… (living in hope that it’s really going) the man bun!



It’s not just about the cut; it’s about maintaining a style, shape and slick appearance. To do that, men have come to the realization that it’s also about the products needed to keep their appearance schmick.

Dear Barber is at the forefront of a revolution in men’s grooming. Merging traditional and vintage inspired barber shop products with the performance of 21st century hair innovation, Dear Barber offers modern men the freedom to sculpt and create their own unique image with substance, style and swag.

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Launched in 2014 in Staffordshire, England, Dear Barber has solidified itself as the people’s brand, reflecting the desires and aspirations of professionals and consumers alike. Suited to all hair types and lengths, Dear Barber celebrates its underground British roots by providing free-thinking, urban men with a contemporary yet classic alternative to the mainstream.

As an integral part of a man’s daily grooming regime, the Dear Barber range extends to include products which cater to hair care, styling, beard maintenance and shaving. Created by a dedicated team of chemists, hair professionals and designers, the Dear Barber range is housed in lush vintage packaging and manufactured and produced in the UK.

As the winning recipient of the 2015 Barber Awards: Styling Range of the Year, Dear Barber’s entrance into the Australian grooming category marks a momentous milestone for the brand as it seeks to develop a global retail footprint.

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Fronted by ambassador and internationally acclaimed master barber, Darryn Pitman, Dear Barber offers Australian men an authentic and comprehensive barbershop experience at home with its introductory range of affordable hair care, styling, beard management and shaving products.

Manufactured in Britain and exported by NSW Australian distributor, Primary Impact, Managing Director of Distribution, Stuart Hislop, celebrates the brand’s arrival as it heralds a new niche in men’s ‘at-home’ grooming.

”The rise and evolution of men’s barbery in Australia has influenced a new generation of free-thinking, modern men who want an image with a little more substance. ”Dear Barber offers men an affordable alternative to the mainstream; honouring traditional barber-inspired quality but with a modern-day contemporary edge,” Stuart said.

The range covers all needs from a mattifier to shaping cream and comes beautifully packaged in woodgrain look containers that will certainly look fantastic in any bathroom.



Mattifier – 100ml $29.95

This unique formulation separates the hair intodistinguishable yet manipulative textured styles, providing a matte, flexible hold throughout the day. Ideal for all hair types, the Mattifier offers immediate ‘grab’ whilst giving hair styles a thicker, fuller look. Containing Kaolin, a white clay rich in silica, the Mattifier detoxifies hair follicles and nourishes from the inside out.

How to use – Apply the product to your fingertips and gently apply from root to tip whilst carefully massaging hair into your desired style


Fibre – 100ml $29.95

When there’s no room for error, the Fibre hair styling product provides a strong, long lasting hold to support hairstyles from the modest to the most extreme. The mega elastic fibre technology shapes and sculpts the hair whilst providing a soft, smooth appearance. Containing lanolin and peg-7 glyceryl, this unique fibre provides dual benefits by moisturising follicles and giving hair a strong adhesive hold.

How to use – Apply a small amount into the palms of the hands and warm the product evenly. Using the fingertips, spread product throughout hair for desired look.


Pomade – 100ml $29.95

Think classic Mad Men style with modern day edge. The special formula Pomade is the perfect medium for a smooth, flexible finish with a high shine gloss. Providing definition and control, the Pomade can be reused throughout the day and is ideal for controlling curly and frizzy hair. Easily washable, the Pomade enhances the appearance and feel of hair whilst acting as a protective barrier from damaging environmental conditions.

How to use – Apply a small amount into the palms and gently smooth over the lengths of the hair. Can be used in conjunction with other Dear Barber products for maximum hold.

Shaping Cream

Shaping cream – 100ml $29.95

Let your natural charm shine through with the soft hold Shaping Cream. Developed to provide flexibility throughout the day, the cream is ideal for a ‘product free’ natural look. Ideal for all hair types, including coarse and thick hair, the Shaping Cream enhances texture for a smooth, soft style.  Containing Persea Gratissima Oil, the Shaping Cream offers intensive conditioning properties and revitalises dry or damaged hair.

How to use – Apply and distribute product between fingertips and spread evenly from root to tip.

Available online and at Hairhouse Warehouse salons around the country, the Dear Barber experience has arrived.