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Great Grub – Meat Me

These days, when it comes to food, we hear about blending flavours, mixing and matching fruits with vegetables, which wine goes with which meat or fish, which meat or fish goes with which cutlery. Adding smoke flavour to food, taking away some flavours and replacing them with other flavours, carbohydrate, drizzles, fusion, paleo, smears, sand, nutrition…


Sometimes we just want to go and eat something good without all the planning or overthinking, just eat good ‘grub’!

So, here it is – simple good grub for the everyday person.



Set in the mall in the heart of Oakleigh is Meat Me restaurant that is obviously a hot spot for a lot of hungry diners. The restaurant offers two separate indoor dining spaces and an outdoor eatery with tables, chairs and lots of umbrellas. It is packed and lively, the service is friendly and fast, and it has a great gyros plate for $18.90.

Meat Me

Served with your choice of lamb, chicken or pork (or any combination of these) the gyro plate comes with chips, salad, tzatziki and pita bread.

The chips were crispy, the salad was fresh and tasty, the tzatziki had just the right amount of garlic (no suffering with garlic breath all night), the pita was probably the softest pita I have ever had and the chicken was tender, super tasty and piping hot. I would also like to add that the olives in the salad were pitted! YAY! I HATE picking olive pips out of my mouth and I also hate risking breaking a tooth forgetting that lots of restaurants don’t bother taking this step.

The full menu includes varieties of souvlaki, burgers and skewers as well as salads, kids menu, lots of dips, sauces and extras, and specific meals for two or three people.

I will most definitely be heading back to Meat Me in Oakleigh, but now the question is, do I try something different on the menu or do I stick to the super delicious gyros plate?

Meat Me – 24 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh 3166 – phone 03 9568 5555